Refunds Policy

Refunds Policy

There is a 14 day "cooling off" period from the commencement date of your policy within which you can cancel your policy and provided no claims have been made, you will receive a refund of any premium you have paid less an administration fee. To cool off a policy please login to your account and select the relevant policy on the "Manage Policies" page.

After the "cooling off" period, you may cancel your policy at any time after the initial minimum cover period of 28 days by logging into your account and selecting the relevant policy on the "Manage Policies" page. Provided you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a refund of the premium for the remainder of the period of insurance shown in the "Confirmation of Insurance" minus an administration fee.

FuturePay Terms and Conditions

NSIP Services Ltd has added a payment facility called “FuturePay” for our customers’ convenience.

FuturePay (recurring payment) agreements are online arrangements similar to Standing Orders and Direct Debits, but funds are debited from your debit or credit card by the WorldPay payment gateway. When a customer chooses a monthly payment plan for the insurance policy provided by NSIP Services Ltd, you are authorising NSIP Services Ltd to take payment at 28 day intervals from the registered debit or credit card. Once the transaction has been successfully processed, the customer's insurance policy remains in force for 28 days, unless otherwise cancelled, cooled off or made invalid. NSIP Services Ltd may collect or reverse variable payment amounts from your registered debit or credit card until such time as this arrangement is cancelled.

If the FuturePay transaction is not processed successfully then the insurance policy will lapse and the customer will not be covered by the policy until the payment has been successfully processed or a new policy is taken out. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the FuturePay transaction is successful and NSIP Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses that occur due to FuturePay transactions. FuturePay transactions may not be successful because, but not limited to, expired, cancelled or invalid registered credit or debit card details or a web site error.

The agreement can be cancelled at any time by the customer by logging into My Account on the NSIP Services Ltd web site and cancelling the policy which the FuturePay agreement corresponds to.

Details of the insurance policy are included in the policy PDF, available for download from the My Account section of the NSIP Services Ltd web site.

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